Giving Back

     Growing up, we weren't able to have all the toys we wanted. The internet was just starting to become popular so internet shopping wasn't even invented yet! That meant going to the only toy store in town, and buying toys at a very expensive price. Fast forward to now and its a different ball game. We have much more information and the ability to compare prices with toy stores across the globe. This makes the ability to get toys into the needing hands of children much easier.

     The need for toys and products that encourage child development is huge; most people don't know how valuable a simple toy is to a child's development. With the help of "Newborns In Need", we donate %10 of all sales proceeds to newborns in need of products such as pacifiers,bottles,blankets, booties and more. Whether its $10 or $100 dollars, every cent counts!

     By purchasing one of our products you are a participant in our mission to help children in need, so thank you! We are a strong community of helping hands that understands the importance of nurturing our future leaders. Be sure to subscribe to our news letter for articles, blogs, and discounts and if you haven't already go find a something you like and start sharing :)